Friday, January 30, 2015

Forget Robots, What About My Own Personal Drone

Amazon has it backwards. Instead of them using drones to deliver packages to me, just tell my drone where to pickup the packages. Imagine, without all the pesky logic concerning airspace crowding and drones bumping into each other, if we all had our own personal drones to run errands for us, to go forth, like ahead in traffic, to gather intelligence for us.

Forget something at work, no problem, send your drone back to get it.
Wondering why traffic is all jammed up ahead of you on the freeway, no problem, send your drone on ahead to feed video back to your car.
Live event that you can't get to, send your drone to beam back a live stream.
And so on and so on.

MIT Tech Review has a page dedicated to Drones: here

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Failed States Are Civilization's Tumors

If nations are not or cannot successfully be "nation builders" or in the business of nation building then surely the United Nations should be.

The world cannot afford any longer to leave areas open to lawlessness and barbarism simply to let them some day become civilized and safe. As failed states, failing states, and areas without any law and order; without any government continue to grow, the UN must begin to consider itself taking on the duty and responsibility of helping the people in those areas to build legitimate states.

This will not be simple, cheap, or quick but the world pays the price for doing nothing with these areas as terrorists use them for safe haven. These areas have become tumors in the world that continually metastasize, spreading the disease of death, violence, hate, and suffering throughout the rest of the world.

Any new territories that come from such nation building efforts as well as every other nation should at a minimum accept and adhere to the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

For a list ranking all states by multiple factors in terms of stability see THIS page. 

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Organizations Are Made Of People And People Are Not Machines

Treating organizations like machines and therefore people like parts in a machine is a recipe for failure though some of these efforts may marginally succeed due to other factors or simply by chance.

Talent is not ubiquitous and some talents cannot be taught to some individuals.
Some people are NOT replaceable.
Good processes and best practices alone do not equate to success.
Some teams do not gel because some people do not get along or are not compatible.  

There is no magic recipe of processes, procedures, rules, hierarchies, capabilities, functions, and/or methodologies for organizational success that works with just any group of people.

Organizations act as conduits that focus the will, energy, talent, strengths, and weaknesses of groups of individuals toward some goal or set of goals through the leadership of some individuals.

There is nothing wrong with good processes, procedures, rules, or methodologies but they are adopted and put into action by people within the the context of many unwritten and unspoken human and interpersonal processes, procedures, rules, hierarchies, and methodologies both conscious and subconscious that we all learn to live with.